About Us

“Collectively more than 70 years of trading experience…”


Excelco Trading LP was founded in 1988 to market the decaffeinated coffees processed by CR3 Kaffeeveredlung M Hermsen GmbH in Germany, directly to the roasting community primarily in North America.

After more than 30 years, we continue to be the leading importer for premium decaffeinated and green coffees sourced throughout the world. The headquarters is still located in Downtown Manhattan, where most of the coffee industry stakeholders were located years ago.

We store most of our coffees in New Jersey, but also utilize other warehouses and ports in North America. In addition to many years of coffee knowledge within the trading team, we are proud to have two licensed Q Graders and one ICE Exchange Grader on the team.

Our product offerings include a variety of different coffee certifications, such as Kosher, Halal, Organic, FairTrade and Rainforest/UTZ, as well as special community projects, such as “Women in Coffee”.
We are members of the Green Coffee Association, the Pacific Coast Coffee Association and the Southern Coffee Association.


Our Team

  • Christina Coleman
  • Ingrid DiVico
  • Margaret DiVico


  • Myrna Rivera
  • Benjamin Yurcik


Compliance / Logistics
  • Leigh Basile Giordano


  • Rainer Schoenbach – President
  • Christopher Baumann – CFO
  • George Tsiatsios – EVP of Trading