"A Family Owned Green Coffee Trader Since 1988..."

Excelco Trading LP, with headquarters in New York, specializes in the procurement and sale of raw coffee beans.
For over 30 years, the team has been committed to establishing long term relationships through finding the best suitable solutions for our coffee partners’ individual coffee needs.

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Our Coffees

Our Coffees

Excelco carries a wide variety of high-quality green, steamed and decaffeinated green coffees from around the world. We house those coffees, ready for immediate purchase, in more than 20 warehouses throughout North America. We maintain a current spot offering list, geared to delivering customer solutions, together with the personal attention and flexibility provided by our expert trading team. Additionally, we regularly satisfy customer requests for forward booking of coffees to their exact specifications, as well as for coffees that span the full range of industry certifications for quality, sustainability, social responsibility, community development, etc.

Our Services

Excelco delivers a broad array of services, which we can provide to our coffee partners in quality, customized fashion to meet their unique needs and exceed their expectations.

Decaffeination + Steaming

At Excelco, offering decaffeinated coffees is our passion and our specialty. For over 30 years, we’ve become the go-to source for the industry’s highest-quality decaffeinated coffees. We provide several green coffee processing services, including different decaffeination methods and steaming.




Excelco creates sustainability solutions of all kinds, delivering support from application through certification. We devote commitment and resources regularly to U.S, EU and other international initiatives, customized support for farmers, and multinational socioeconomic programs targeting the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Quality Control

Excelco and its partners control coffee quality at different stages of the supply chain. Our in-house laboratory equips us to run distinctive quality checks according to our customers’ individual specifications. We also develop customized blends based on our customers’ preferred origins, cup quality and price target.



Warehouse Management / Logistics

We help our coffee partners oversee and manage their inventory, especially to secure on-time deliveries and maintain ample on-hand supply. We work with several trusted warehouses and logistics companies across North America to fulfill our partners’ requests.

Import Services

Our coffee partners can rely on Excelco for a one-stop, full-service import experience. Not only do we move their independently sourced coffees seamlessly from origin to North America, but we handle all document preparation, verification, and filing as well as customs clearance. In short, just place the order and leave the rest to us. The next communication you’ll get will be that the coffee is ready for pickup at your warehouse of choice. We can also keep some additional inventory on hand for you to meet any unexpected increase in demand.


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